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Baby fever??

I'm GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!  David just told my parents which then my mother told me. :O

And jeff's cousin is having a baby too!!


now they want to know when I'll be having one so they can grow up together... :O

According to my palm, I'll be having twins... >.> oh oh... lol

Another new thing...

So I'm still out and about doing things like, apartment/townhome/house hunting, depending on what we find and what we like, we might actually buy a house :O lol. I also applied for a job taking preschool photos around Minneapolis... pays $12.10 an hour and has benefits, so that's pretty spiffy. Just need some money flow right now... and in a way a little break from my art... I'm overwhelmed in a way trying to figure out everything AND do what I love... if that makes any sense at all... >.>

Any way, recently we had the opportunity to take in a 4 yr. old German Shepard, and I convinced my father that this would be good for my mother because it gives her a walking buddy, not to mention motivates her to go for walks. German Shepards are her favorite breed as well. So Dad said okay after talking to my brother David about it... and she's been here for about 2 days now. She's still not used to the cats... but she's not aggressive towards them, she just wants to play. But the cats don't care for her much, she's TOO excited when she sees them and whines and squeaks like a little squeaky toy. heh.

so any way, without further ado, here is Tosca... the new member of our lovely family... and mom's dream come true. heh.

Isn't she just the cutest thing? XD  She's soooo fluffy!  So when I do find time to draw, it will most likely be of her! hehe. ^_^

Any way, I'm gonna get back to damage control of the poor little kitties psychies.

Away from home...

I went with Jeff to look at an apartments and what not... he really liked this one, not far from my house... so he applied for it. We are waiting to hear now if he'll be approved. :) I'm excited to start this next stage of our lives together. :) I'm really excited :D


so yeah, that's where I've been, running around like a chicken with its head cut off. heh.

Also been lvling my shammy, almost 63 now... w00t. But then, Jeff's Warlock is 66... now who has been playing more? Gee I wonder. lol.

I'm tired, I'm gonna go crash.... probably on the floor, too tired to reach the bed. *giggles*

Expansion goodness

new races

new races  

yeah.... thats hot...

mom and I decided to just play on a low population server to try out the new characters cause when I was on our main one, the world kept crashing. oii... but yeah...

back to the game I go...



Thanks matt. >.>

Cellphone Blues...

Well... my phone account has been suspended... until I pay off the overdue balance... which I didn't know wasn't getting payed till the last couple months... my mother pays for my phone because she likes to be able to get a hold of me... the only reason its over is because of calling her and jeffry... its not like I'm calling everyone every min. of the day... *cries softly*

(Though I'm not supposed to text message but I just can't blow people off when they write me... so yeah... that put me in the hole too)

(It also doesn't help that I rarely get to use my house phone because my mom works at home and she's usually ALWAYS on it... so what else am I supposed to use?  Wait till 9pm to call, but have no idea what I was gonna call about? yeah... right... *sigh*  Not to mention I only get to use my cell to call jeffry as it is because his number is considered long distance... I mean... WTF... he only lives 40 mins away... near Mankato... what the hell already... I'm upset...

So after maybe 4-6 months? I owe $278.74...

And I feel craptastic about it because my car isn't being very trustworthy, but I still have to drive it to Jeff's which is a 40 - 60 min drive... and I'm afraid that if I drive there now something is gonna happen and I'm gonna be stuck in the middle of no where with no phone... wonderful...  I just get paranoid about those things I guess... I'll just warn Jeff ahead of time if I'm not there when I should be to call my mother and ask if she's heard from me, and then to take a ride down the route I usually take looking for my crappy ass Blazer on the side of the road... yeah...


And I thought I would actually get to bed at a normal time tonight... but now I can't stop thinking...

OH and then my cat jumps on me out of no where while I'm working on a drawing for someone and TOTALLY messes it up... not a good day... not at all... *whimpers*

I'm just waiting for the house to blow up... that would make everything just perfect... -_-

Wedding Fair!

Well last week my mother called me up and said she just saw an ad for the Minneapolis Wedding Fair.... and then was like... "you wanna go?  It's the 14th..."  Mind you, we don't get to do a lot together, mainly because of time... she's working, I'm away on weekends, things like that... so I said sure, and that we should see if Erika, my brother's wife, would like to come too... she still hasn't gotten back to me... but what REALLY surprised me... is that Jeff was like... "yeah, I'll go" without a fight or anything lol.  He loves me so.  He's gonna stand by my side while I be a complete girl XD hehe.

I think what sold him to the idea though was my brother telling us that they give out cake samples. hahaha.  We come for the information, we stay for the cake! YArrr! hehe.

Mind you, we won't be getting married till like... 2008... in Oct. or Sept. heh.

Its still fun to kind of learn about everything and what not... :)

I have to go pick me up one of them cute little wedding planner books. XD wweeeeeee! lol.

I'm still waiting on the pictures of my ring... Kimberly wanted to see it... so my friend Bryan took a couple macros of it... they looked awesome, but I have to wait till he sends them to me... *sigh*

I need patience... that's what I need. hehe.

Ummm so yeah, basic message of my story... I'm goin to the Wedding Fair this Sunday. XD
I hope I don't crack... I don't really like large groups of people... touching... >.> popping my bubble and all... it freaks me out. XD

Work from the Holidays...

My two drawings I'm most proud of from the holidays...

A commission for my fiance's uncle of their dog Ranger.

And an owl done for my mum as her christmas gift. I also won the Fall 2006 art show at my college with this. XD

Any who, I'm still working hard on xmas gifts... since I'm slow as hell in creating them... >.> yeah... so I'll update as I go. heh.

omg, I still have this thing?

no no, I'm kidding, I knew I still had it... I just have this habit of only writing on my Deviantart journal...  ANY way, I'm gonna try, once again, to remember to write here... cause I need the venting I guess... though its hard to even know what to vent about when you're just floating around inside your own head. >.>

I kind of wish I could change my screen name on here... but oh well... novemberrain is still me... heh.  And any way, Spiralkitty is already taken... *sigh*

Well... lets see... updates from the past year or so....

On Jeffry's birthday back in May of 2006, we found out that my mother's cancer metastasized in her lungs... she went through another 6 months or so of chemotherapy... reducing the size of the cancer by 80% then she stopped the chemo but is staying on a drug I can't remember what its called... herceptin or something... spelling is probably wrong.  She says you can only really stay on it for about 2 years before the body gets used to it and she'll have to start chemo again... its hard to start thinking the outcome will be joyous and happy... but I still try.  I don't like to think of her as dying.  So... shes not... she's just... sick.

yay for denial!

Moving on...

I finished college... I'm all smart and graduated... and now am trying to figure out just how I want to market myself... seems I've been doing a lot of pet portraits... so I might go in that direction while I still do my personal art stuff...

Who's Jeffy?  Jeffry is the man I've been seeing for almost 2 years... we've been friends for a few years before that though... well... on Dec. 16, 2006 he asked me to marry him in front of gooseberry falls, our first real vacation together, and I of course said yes... as I cried like the little baby that I am.

Yeah... that's pretty much the newest thing... so people who talk to me outside of LJ, hound me to write here so I don't forget to come back hehe. :)



So I've now done band photos for three locals. How fun is that? I'm enjoying myself, keeping myself busy... not to mention its nice to just stay busy... and being surrounded by wonderful music 24/7 is a wonderful plus. Krista's a happy girl. :)

so yeah.

How awesome is that? I'll post pictures when I get them done, alright? alright. :D hehe wee!

also, area-52 rocks my socks!